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Why a 360 Photo Booth is a Must at Your Wedding

You said yes, to the ring and the dress and now all the other details of your big day start to come together. In a day centered around creating memories to last a lifetime, there are now new ways to do so other than flat photography... cue our 360 photo booth!

What exactly is a 360 photo booth?

Commonly known as a 360 photo booth, it is actually a video booth. Unlike traditional photo booths, a 360 spins around the platform and records from every angle resulting in a 360 degree video. The 360 is an immersive and fun experience for guests of all ages. Simply step on the platform and a camera will spin around you, making an HD video that your guests can upload to any social media platform. Your guests will get a paparazzi experience!

What can your booth add to my wedding's atmosphere?

Our photo booth will elevate the wedding experience for you and your guests alike. Photo booth technology is evolving and changing, and now offer more features to engage your guests. A 360 photo booth is a visual narrative of moments captured at your once-in-a-life celebration! Bella's booth can add to the ambiance of your big day and create a welcome change to any cocktail hour or reception!

We understand weddings are often sophisticated and our sleek and modern 360 photo booth will elevate the ambiance while still adding fun for guests. It can bring a tasteful enhancement and a touch of sophistication to any wedding or event. Whimsical or refined, our booth will help your guests start the celebrations! We at Bella's Booth understand the importance of curating memorable weddings for couples and their guests.

What's an example of how to utilize Bella's Booth at my wedding?

One way to integrate our 360 photo booth is during cocktail hour! We recommend the new couple use this time to a) take photos or b) go eat dinner together (we recommend option b). Imagine, being alone to celebrate and getting to eat without having to worry about moving things along for your guests.

Let’s face it, once the ceremony is over there is not much quality alone time, much less time for food. Schedule your photos before the ceremony or limit the time after to give you and your new partner some much needed alone time before celebrating with guest. During this time, our booth becomes an interactive centerpiece and immersive experience for guests.

Love is a full circle journey, just like our 360 photo booth. You and your guests can have modern memories to last a lifetime that are easy to share on social media!

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