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The Power of a 360 Photo Booth at Your Corporate Event

What can a 360 photo booth do for your corporate event? Aside from the obvious of bringing people together for fun, our 360 booth offers an immersive experience giving corporations a multitude of benefits. We can build brand identity, foster client relationships, build employee engagement and provide data insight.

Brand exposure

Our 360 booth allows your corporation to use a branded backdrop and a custom overlay, ensuring consistent brand exposure from every angle. This technology captures these moments and participants are eager to share on social media, which amplifies your brand to a wider audience.

Social Media

The video format utilized meets the high demand created by Reels, TikTok, and other social media platforms. The 360 photo booth provides a visual narrative of your big day – and with ease, allowing video to post to social media platforms instantly. Social media engagement can reach a wider audience and potential clients. The content shared will gain comments, likes and shares increasing your online presences and capitalizing on the popularity of social media.

Data insights

We aren’t just fun… We can provide valuable insight on data collected from the event. Bella’s Booth offers analytics and data on demographics, attendee preferences, and event trends. The analytics provided include deliverability status, photo views, gender and age averages, number of photos taken, social media shares, and emails captured. The data we collect can then be used to optimize future events and cater to your target audience’s preferences.

Client relationship/employee engagement

Hosting a fun and memorable event with our 360 photo booth will foster a positive association within your corporation. Your commitment to providing an enjoyable experience fosters a stronger client relationship.

Create memories of your employees sharing a laugh and forging a sense of unity. Our 360 degree platform allows for a group photo which can encourage employee engagement. Team building can happen easily as they share the spotlight.

Embrace the power of a 360 photo booth and see how it can impact not only your clients but your employees. Set yourself apart from other corporations. Put your corporation at the forefront of corporate events.

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